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Experienced, Committed, Understanding

Doctor John Meisner is a San Diego State University Alumni. He attained his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology – Physical Therapy.

While attending school, Dr. John Meisner worked for an outpatient orthopedic PT clinic assisting in the rehabilitation of patients. Dr. Meisner’s passion has led to provide quality pain relief with highly effective patient outcomes when combining clinical experience with the latest scientific research.

Doctor John Meisner lives in Coronado, CA and he treats patients inside the Coronado Karate Center using an integrative approach as a result of his life-long martial art backround. He has trained at Coronado Karate since the age of 8 years old.

Dr. John Meisner likes to mountain bike, surf, snowboard, ride horses, and train karate in his free time. Coronado is Dr. Meisner’s hometown. Coronado has become Dr. John Meisner’s favorite community to serve. Dr. Meisner feels extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work both on Coronado Island as Coronado’s highest-rated Chiropractor.

“I take each patient into consideration as an indivual. Treating the person not the diagnosis has led to transparency and confidence. Patients feel the difference with us at Back2Play.”


Dr. John Meisner

Dr. Meisner remains dedicated to providing advanced chiropractic care for his patients. Dr. Meisner plays an active role in the treatment process of each patient, and develops each plan to meet the individual.

Chiropractice Wellness Helps You Thrive Through All The Waves of Life

Chiropractic gives your body the care it can count on so you can be there for your family in the good times, but also at the times your loved-ones need you most. Feel your best starting with today!

Just Imagine…

  • Not letting back pain take control of your day
  • Not dreading going to the gym because of pain
  • Having bulletproof shoulder strength and range of motion
  • Going anywhere and not feeling limited by your body
  • Not struggling to get up and down on the floor with your kids
  • Not having to rub your knees or hip after a hike or workout
  • Getting a reset to help you get back to your active life
  • Feeling great again and ready to live!